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Queens of the Stone Age. 20140203

First live blog from show. Jacksonville. Florida Theater. Ann. Phil. Hunter and Duval. Kicking show. Music from 3 diff albums so far. Burn the Witch. New songs work great. Chelsea Wolfe opener Perfect slow heavy psych. More soon. Yeah right.


I have seen Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Bela, Chick Corea in many variations over 25 times collectively.  This was my 2nd time seeing Bela and Chick together.  The first was at the Phillips Center as well on 20070304, probably with the John, Roy, Shelley crew, perhaps even Andy.  Two of my favorite jazz artists never disappoint.  Yeah it is no Sunn 0))) or Lightning Bolt, but to me it kind of is, as I get lost in their meanderings, and their sick fucking ability to play so effortlessly off of each other.  Recognized a Chick song and a Bela song, others that they had written together I have never heard.  Patsy, my old college friend, who is now a local, came to the show, never seeing either of them.  Suffice to say she had a wonderful time.  Oh yeah, 3rd row center allowed for the intimacy I desire to connect with God.  Some mellow shows lately, and not as many as I would like.  Things are changing with my time and I am old and tired.  Inspire me music, I will be there.  

Bela and Chick 


This was my third time seeing CGT, all shows in Gainesville, last time was 20110128 at the Black Box, a very small theater space at UF, highlight was their cover of Echoes, I went alone and recorded the show.  The first time was also at University Auditorium on 20060211 I believe with John, Roy, and Shelley.  I am a huge fan of the trio, all guitarists who studied under Robert Fripp and his disciplined style of guitar playing.  Besides their virtuosity, they play great covers Beethoven, Queen, Beatles, Pink Floyd, and our monster Ennio Morricone fans and his spaghetti westerns.  University Auditorium is a beautiful room, much like a church with a monster church organ in the front.  This might be my favorite place to see music in Gainesville.  The most recent show I went to with Hunter, blew his ass away, and had front row tickets, unobstruced bitches.  But the highlight was going to see CGT and then not realizing until I got their that they were sharing the stage with the Montreal Guitar Trio, yes more trios.  I had never heard of them, but their style, more international than CGT struck an amazing balance.  MGT had a set, then CGT, then the 6 of them on stage with some jaw dropping playing.  It’s always the most exciting thing with live music where the unexpected happened, and on this night it did.

University Auditorium


You Tube Video of song from Los Angeles show a week earlier.

20130208 Hundred Waters w/ MSNRA, Maximino, & Euglossine, Elestial Sound Headquarters, Gainesville, FL

This was an awesome night.  Great music and great friends.  I have been unable to catch Hundred Waters and to see them in this great warehouse space, for a local show as they are about to embark on a sold out tour of the US was certainly a highlight of my live experiences and to see them with other great musicians just made it all better.  I went with Ed and met Ann and Amy there.  Old students are in both Hundred Waters and MSNRA so it was a Ram fest at the event.  Love to see the old kids but please say your name when you say hello.  ESHQ is in a quiet area off of downtown, wood fired pizza set up put front.  Inside is a warehouse divided up for a show, cool bar and balcony, and great art and lights for event.  Walked in as Euglossine was finishing so really did not get time to check it out.  Maximino from Orlando was excellent, started with a 70s groove jam into a dark noise jam that ended up changing into two songs that sounded like Radiohead, and that is not a bad thing.  MSNRA are a fantastic local hip-hop collective.  Great set with a live band, excellent back up singers, and righteous lyrics had the crowd getting down.  Hundred Waters set was intimate, special, and well received.  The songs were all over the place barn stormers to whispering folk psych.  So cool to Sam Moss up there creating that music.  The DJs in between spun great sets as well.  A very satisfying night indeed.

You Tube video of Hundred Waters set. 



Hundred Waters

20130125 5th Anniversary WGOT Benefit Show w/ Netherfriends, Moonbeard, Ex-Boogeymen, & Snakehealers, The Atlantic & 20130125 Jeff Mangum w/ Tall Firs, Florida Theater, Gainesville, FL

So WGOT Benefit and Jeff Mangum show ended up on same night.  I was glad I had seen Jeff months earlier in Athens, for a very intimate special show.  I did run over to see Jeff for 45 minutes, missed Tall Firs all together, and enjoyed Jeff’s set, Oh Comely opener, but my heart was at The Atlantic so 45 minutes was sufficient.  WGOT benefit as usual was a blast, good friends, Ed and Carrie came in from NYC, Lynne brought friends, Amy was there, the boys, Hunter, Nick, and TJ showed up, and kids from Eastside came, and except for them, we all got drunk and had a good time, especially Replay Dave, good thing for designated drivers.  Thanks to Bill Bryson for setting up Netherfriends as a replacement because Squeaky, way too bad, had to cancel.  I really only saw full sets for Ex-Boogeymen and Snakehealers.  Ex put on a fantastic show, powrerful, fun, theatrical, even with the frontman’s butt crack, but that was all part of it, fast and furious.  Snakehealers put a great closing set of good home brewed rock n roll. 

2013018 Hot Water Music w/ La Dispute & The Menzingers, Florida Theater, Gainesville, FL

Excited for this show.  I had seen Hot Water Music once before at Market Street Pub on 20021004.  I really do not remember much was there with Huck and Chuck Ragan was drunk.  I got tickets for me and Huck, he came in from Flagler Beach, the boys got jealous and finally got tickets on their own.  A big crew started at Scott’s - Erin, Darryl, Nicole, Phil, Tony and myself - pizza and beers.  Would have liked to have gone to the show earlier as walked in and La Dispute played their last song (see other posts - this happens often).  Place had a decent crowd, old school Gainesville, nice group on the side stage for special viewing.  I am not very schooled on HWM’s catalog, but the show was great.  They did seem a bit distracted, but a solid set which included a few songs I knew.  They are definitely more than just a punk rock band.  We all went our separate ways home as I had to take Tony’s blind ass home. 


Video of HWM performing Radio Free Gainesville in Rhode Island 2013.

20121214 Dan Deacon w/ Grand Buffet & Hear Hums, High Dive, Gainesville, FL

Another show with my first time seeing the main act Dan Deacon.  Enjoyed him for years, heard about his frenetic spontaneous shows and here he is in Gainesville.  Pelicanbone joined me at this show.  Nice that it was a Friday night.  Met Ed at the Bull, had a drink compliments of Avery and then off to the show.  Missed local band Hear Hums, but Grand Buffet from Detroit was a great opener to get the crowd ready for Deacon.  Two man avant humorous hip hop was embraced by all.  As they finished I made my way up front as Dan deacon sets up on a table on the floor with people standing around him a la Lightning Bolt.  I got the spot right in front of the table and managed to maintain it the whole evening.  Fuck you, you hipster under 21 dumb fuck crowd.  Dan Deacon was fantastic, mainly pre-programmed beats and music with him manipulating the whole thing and singing.  Super high energy and I had an amazing time dancing and sweating.  Dan also does a lot of activities with the crowd, keep you focused, participating, and having a good time.  This will be one that is hard to forget. 

Dan Deacon at the High Dive

20121106 Earth w/ Stebmo & Holly Hunt, Will’s Pub, Orlando, FL

Yeah, Earth motherfuckers, finally a Florida show, of course it was on a Tuesday, but that is just the over 40 guy in me complaining.  Earth are pretty fucking legendary, Dylan Carlson, the beginnings of doom, shotguns and Kurt Cobain, addiction, and recovery, and a new melodic doom after almost a 10 year hiatus, plus an album with Bill Frisell as a guest.  Earth are it.  Dragged myself out early to catch the openers.  Holly Hunt is an interesting drone doom band, enjoyed it, but was impatient for Earth.  Stebmo are two members of Earth, kind of experimental jazz.  It was way unexpected and had me somewhat mesmerized.  Nice to see such a change in pace from the opening band, kind of a perfect bridge from the heavy doom of Holly Hunt to the melodic end of the earth americana sound of Earth.  Earth did not dissapoint.  Just to witness such a legendary band for me is exciting but for them to be playing so well, tight, and passionately made the night legendary.  Their sound is so slow, patient, and methodical.  Suffice to say I left satisfied even if exhausted.  Do not remember the drive home.  And got a decent recording of the show and of course a poster. 

Earth Video professionally shot with live video and interview

Random Ticket Stub #6 - 20080118, Om w/ Lichens, Independent, San Francisco, CA

Flew out to San Francisco to see Bill Frisell for two nights, two sets each at Yoshi’s and stay with my wonderful friends Jen and Stephen.  I think this may be the last time I was out to SF.  Can that be true?  Time to fix that.  Anyway, got a surprise when I arrived and discovered this show, exactly the kind of show you would find only in places like SF and NYC; Florida, I do not think so.  Om is a drum and bass duo who broke off from the stoner rock outfit Sleep.  Lichens is Rob Lowe an incredible guitarist and vocalist in the experimental realm, check out the album Omns.  Missed the 2nd set of Frisell one night to go to this show with Stephen.  Of course, he got us in the VIP viewing area upstairs and I just chilled mesmerized by these bands and the special spontaneity of the event.  It is shows like this that I live for.  Thanks Stephen, SF, and all of those involved. Oh yeah, got a great show poster that Rob Lowe signed.  Excellent guy, took the time to say hey and talk music for a minute.